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Careers in Science

A degree in science can open doors to numerous opportunities and professions; the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Study general science and gain the skills to:

  • think critically and apply scientific and mathematical theories to solve complex problems.

  • communicate effectively: verbally through class discussions and presentations, and in writing by preparing reports and papers.

  • collect, analyze and interpret data using statistical analysis and make reasoned judgements on the basis of the available data.

  • safely operate complex equipment and follow technical manuals with accuracy and proficiency.

Sample Jobs with an Undergraduate Degree

General Science

Biological Technologist, Food Inspector, Crime Scene Investigator , Database Analyst, Environmental Project Manager, Fish and Wildlife Officer, Forensic Technologist, Health and Safety Officer, Laboratory Assistant, Market Research Analyst, Medical Sales Representative, Park Interpreter, Research Assistant, Systems Support Technician, Water Quality Technician.

Computer Science

Algorithmic Trade Developer, Analytics Specialist, Business Intelligence Designer, Computer Programmer, Computer Systems Analyst, Cybersecurity Analyst, Criptanalyst, Database Administrator, Information Technology Analyst, Interactive Media Developer, IT Security Analyst, Project Manager, Risk Management Analyst, Security Advisor, Software Engineer, Solution Architect, System/Network Architect, Technical Writer, User Experience Researcher, Website Developer.

Chemical/Physical Sciences

Atmospheric Scientist, Engineer, Environmental Assessment Scientist, Firearms Specialist, Health and Safety Officer, Laboratory Technologist, Materials Scientist, Metallurgist, Pharmaceutical Sales, Radiation Safety Specialist, Research Scientist, Science Policy Analyst, Scientific Regulation Professional, Technical Writer, Quality Assurance Technologist, Animation Programmer, Flight Dynamics Analyst.

Life Sciences

Biological Safety Specialist, Botanist, Conservation Officer, Cell Cultures, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Ecologist, Field Biologist, Fish and Wildlife Officer, Food Inspector, Forensic Specialist, Fermentation Beer Brewing, Geneticist, Grant Administrator/Program Officer, Immunologist, Lab Technician, Marine Biologist, Medical Writer, Microbial Control, Museum Curator, Pest Control Consultant, Pharmaceutical Sales Agent, Public Health Lab Scientist, Quality Assurance Technologist, Research Assistant, Restoration Biologist, Science Communicator, Science Policy Analyst, Scientific Regulation Professional, Science Writer, Water Quality Inspector, Wildlife Biologist, Zoologist.

Mathematical Sciences

Actuarial Assistant, Algorithmic Trade Developer, Business Intelligence Manager, Consultant Statistician, Data Scientist, Criminal Intelligence Analysts, Cryptanalyst, Cyber Security Risk Analysts, Data Manager, Demographer, Econometrician, Educational Statistician, Emergency Preparedness Analyst, Energy Auditor, Information Specialist, Program Evaluation Officer, Programmer Analyst, Research Assistant, Market Research Analysts, Online Retail Data Analysts, Operations Research Analyst, Quality Analyst, Underwriter.

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