Benefits of Membership

Registered members will receive the following benefits:

  1. The organization provides of a space which fosters a learning culture through the use of an interactive forum. Within this forum members can engage in discussions and seek feedback in any STEM-related area from fellow members.
  2. The organization promotes both the professional and personal development of members by aiding their scholastic performance and refining their soft skills.
  3. Sessions in ethics, time management, entrepreneurship, health and wellness etc. will prove beneficial to a wide cross-section of participants.
  4. Awards will be given to members at various educational levels as recognition of their academic achievements and for their participation in the discussion forums.
  5. Top performers in STEM (or most improved members) will be featured on the website.
  6. Summer internship opportunities will be available to the most helpful and most improved members.
  7. Members will receive certificates upon registration.
  8. The organization provides a space through which members can expand their network.

Any interested individual can and is encouraged to register for membership.

Participation in selected competitions and activities and recipients of various awards will, however, be limited only to female science students (from Grade 9 and onwards) and women in science-based professions.